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Through the Praise Arts, the many gifts and talents of our members are used to provide strength, encouragement, inspiration and entertainment for the Body of Christ. The Praise Arts Ministry consists of the Heart of God Praise Dance Team, the Rock Church Music Ministry, Spoken Word and Theater Productions. The Visual Arts Ministry is designed for those who are skilled in painting, designing (stage & clothing) and drawing. These ministries are open to all ages.


Recently, our Praise Arts Ministry produced a short film called Broken Matters.  Broken Matters is based on the stageplay, "Heaven Loves Gangstas Too”, which was written to highlight the perils of fatherlessness and its impact, especially in the lives of young males.  It follows the life of Montez, a young inner city gang member, whose dangerous lifestyle threatens not only his own well- being, but all those around him.   Broken Matters is ultimately about the choices we make, no matter how justified they are, and the consequences of those choices. Unfortunately, many times those consequences are life altering. Yet, there is hope and restoration.


We believe that fatherlessness has become so commonplace that people fail to recognize the negative spiritual and emotional impact it has on the family. It is our desire to make the short film into a feature film to further help bring awareness to this problem in our society.  Through the film, we hope to show that no matter where you start in life, God, our heavenly Father, is able to take negative situations and turn them around for the good.


For more information about our short film production, please visit

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